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Project Zomboid

Here at Tekagi's, we run a 24/7 public server for Project Zomboid, hosted by Dr Ellis and Fenris_Wolf. It is the home server of the ORGM Rechambered mod (as well as a few other mods of Fenris's creation). This server runs the GOG version of Project Zomboid (not steam), and is accessible on the public server list under the name TekagisTreasure. If you use the steam version, connection is still possible but requires some tweaking Be aware the list of mods we run changes sometimes, and mods are frequently updated. For a complete list of current mods and server version, see the forums as the main "Our Mods" link above only shows ones actually created by us. We aim to run a relaxed atmosphere, both PvP (optional) and PvE. If you wish to RP, thats up to you. It is not enforced on the server. Loot respawn and safehouses are on. Sandbox settings for loot is rare, ammo is more common (this is the ORGM server after all!) Unique starter kits are based on chosen profession. Griefing and trolls will not be tolerated. Usernames such as 1, 123, or random keyboard mashing are not appreciated. Use a actual name. Tekagi's discord

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