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For Steam Users...

If you run the steam version of Project Zomboid, it is still possible to connect to GOG servers, but requires some tweaking. 1) Make sure you're running the stable branch of PZ (not IWBUMS or any other beta). 2) Browse to your Project Zomboid install directory. 3) Use notepad (or similar text editor) to open the ProjectZomboid64.json file (or ProjectZomboid32.json if you use the 32 bit version) 4) Find the line that says "-Dzomboid.steam=1", and change it to "-Dzomboid.steam=0", 5) Install any required mods in C:\users\USERNAME\Zomboid\mods, mods you've downloaded from the workshop will not register. For linux users the directory will be ~/Zomboid/mods 6) Run Zomboid by clicking the ProjectZomboid64.exe (or ProjectZomboid32.exe) from your install directory instead of launching the game through steam. Zomboid should now be running as a non-steam version.

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