ORGM Rechambered

OrMntMans REAL Guns Mod. Redesigned from the ground up.
Adds over 100 real world firearms, and completely changes the firearm mechanics with a focus on realism.

Features include:
Tons of easy to configure options for spawn rates, damage, and more.
Dynamic weapon stats calculation and barrel length effects.
Jamming and advanced reloading.
Designed for performance (no lag).
Easy to add onto with additional mods.
Well documented API for the lua code.


Profession Framework

A framework to simply adding new professions, traits, and customized starting gear.

No more messing around trying to figure out the vanilla professions or trait system, just dump your new entries into a lua table.
This mod adds no new professions or traits itself, it is merely a framework.


Buyable Traits

So, your 8 months into the outbreak. You've got more skill points then you can spend in a lifetime. Your character is kicking ass,'re regretting that negative trait you picked on character creation.... or your wishing you had picked that positive one...but its too late now right?


Now with the Buyable Traits mod you can spend those unused skill points on something useful!


Filibuster Rhymes Used Cars

Adds dozens of new vehicles into the game.

Lots of muscle cars, pickups, sedans, and even a HMMWV, all carefully modelled from their real world counterparts.


Filibuster Rhymes Smaller Cars

Resizes the vanilla vehicles to match better with Filibusters Used Cars mod.



A admin tool for multiplayer (or a great cheat tool for singleplayer!), Necroforge includes features such as:

Item spawning
Tile cloning and deleting brushes for in game map editting
Skill level/trait editing
Health and moodle restoring and debugging

Tons more..A this mod is absolute must have have for server admins, modders who need to debug things, or people in single player that just want a easier time.


ORGM Silencers

A unofficial addon for ORGM adding suppressors.

Created by Nolan.


Le Gourmet Evolution Plus

A outstanding mod made by Snake.

Expands on cooking, fishing, farming, scavenging and more.
Fills out the world with more stuff and without the bloat of Hydrocraft, and a philosophy of "quality over quantity"

Geared towards the spanish community but entirely usable in english.

Hunting compatible with ORGM


Weapon Accessories (WPA)

A mod by Snake that adds more attachments and accessories to the vanilla firearms.

Muzzle breaks, suppressors, tactical lights and more.

Not compatible ORGM.


Ammo Maker

A mod by Snake that adds a reloading bench, and handloading of the vanilla ammunition.

Also adds a M-16, AK-47 and M249.

Not compatible ORGM.


Alice Backpack

A mod by Snake adding a large military style backpack into the game.


Military Complex

A map by Snake that adds a large military base north west of Rosewood (west of Dixie).

Lots of loot to be had if you can brave the hordes of undead.

Compatible with ORGM.


Riverside Gunstore

Another map mod by Snake that adds a gunstore south of Riverside.

More guns is always good, right?

Compatible with ORGM.


Barco Abandonado (Abandoned Boat)

A map mod by Snake that adds a large abandoned boat near WestPoint.

Crawling with the undead, this salvage is high risk, high reward.

Compatible with ORGM.

Tekagis Treasure - Project Zomboid

Welcome to the Tekagis Community site for Project Zomboid. Here you'll find a number of mods being showcased, some created by us, some by our friends and allies. All mods here have non-steam workshop links for GoG users, however not all mods have workshop links for steam users. We also run a public 24/7 GoG server, the home server of the ORGM Rechambered mod. If your not familiar with ORGM, check out this great introduction video by Ghul King