ORMtnMan’s Real Guns Mod for Project Zomboid.

Original mod by ORMtnMan, Rechambered version by Fenris_Wolf

To get the latest stable version, visit theindiestone forums or use this direct download.

version 3.09.2

  • New Tooltips for firearms and attachments! In 4 (yes, 4) optional styles: Classic: The old style. Please note Classic will be replaced in the future by “Minimal”

Full: The new default style. Bars are displayed for a number of various stats, with bar color changing from red to green depending on that stats value (bad/good)

Numeric: Identical to “Full”, but shows colored numeric values instead of bars.

Dynamic: swings from ‘Minimal’ to ‘Full’ to ‘Numeric’ depending on a players skill level.

Important Notes: The info displayed, and the specifics of the dynamic-style are not finalized. This is a preview. Also damage and range will NOT show on a firearm until it has had a round in the chamber.

  • Added tons of new models by Filibuster Rhymes. All models have now been updated!

  • Decreased capacity on Stevens 320 to 5 (was 8)

  • Sorted options screen into groups

  • Added full auto hit chance penalty to options screen

  • Added sound multiplier option for Nolan’s Silencer mod to control effectiveness of suppressors.

  • Removed UseBarrelLengthModifiers setting. Barrel lengths are part of the core mechanics.

  • Adjusted firearm rarity tables to fit better with the year. Less select fire variants spawning in police stations.

  • Adjusted Movement Bonus (AimTime) vs weight. Heavier weapons are now correctly harder to aim while moving. Barrel length is now a highly important factor, with every inch subtracting 1 from the bonus.

  • Fixed bug in “Use Only” context menu

  • Fixed bug in requesting server settings, not removing request event.

  • Fixed bug in “Limit Manufacture Year” option not properly applying.

  • Fixed missing manufacture year for SPAS-12

  • Fixed Skorpion to have a select-fire switch (was full-auto only)

  • Renamed PiercingBullets key to Penetration in ORGMData_Ammo.lua

version 3.09

  • Complete code restructuring with a focus on performance optimization and code consistency.

  • Full html API documentation.

  • Many new models Handcrafted by the excellent Filibuster Rhymes!

  • Due to new mechanics in effect (see below), the Damage Multiplier setting now defaults to 0.6 instead of 0.5. Users of previous ORGM versions will have to manually adjust the setting in the PZ options screen ORGM tab. Dedicated servers will have to edit their ORGM.ini (if it exists).

  • Firearms now spawn with varying barrel lengths, based on factory options that were produced by the manufacturer. These lengths effect the weight of the weapon and indirectly, all the weapon stats that are effected by weight. The new barrel length mechanic also has a direct effect on damage, range and recoil of the firearm. Lower lengths release more unburnt gas producing lower velocity bullets (damage/range) and generate more recoil.

  • Firearms stats are now effected by the action type/feed system. With automatics some of the pressure in the chamber is redirected to drive the automatic feed system, resulting in slightly lower bullet velocity for a similar length barrel in a non-automatic. The end result is slightly less damage and range. However, recoil is reduced by a amount based on what type of automatic bolt it uses.

  • Player strength now effects recoil.

  • Added new options to options screen for configuration of hit and critical chances, and enabling/disabling the new barrel length modifiers, and disabling full auto fire.

  • Added support for Snake’s Military Complex Mod

  • Added Admin context submenu for firearms: Debug weapon - prints all firearm info to console Reset to defaults - resets all ModData on the firearm

  • Added multiple new advanced settings in the ORGM.ini for controlling how the dynamic stats system for firearms handles. These advanced settings are not shown in the PZ options screen ORGM tab.

  • Added verbose logging level (more detailed then debug)

  • Added RU translations by Lotus

  • Added partial CN and CH translations by Cleave

  • Added total rounds fired to the Inspection Window.

  • Changed Glock22 magazine capacity to 15 (was 10)

  • Changed cylinder capacity of the Raging Bull to 5 (was 6)

  • Changed capacity of Mossberg 590 to 8+1 and 7+1

  • Renamed Mossberg 590 sawnoff version to 590A1 and removed recipe

  • Changed Display Name of ‘.45 Colt’ ammo to its proper name ‘.45 Long Colt’

  • Increased damage for 7.62x39mm, .30-06, .30-30

  • Increased recoil for .30-06, .357

  • Slightly reduced penetration for .45ACP FMJ

  • Increased sound radius from 10% to 20% for Nolan’s ORGM Silencer mod.

  • Moved all recipes to a ‘ORGM’ tab in the build window.

  • Moved All english (default) DisplayNames to Items_EN.txt translation file. This fixes a bug for other languages not being able to translate names that had a - in the name, as well as sets up a template of all items for future languages.

  • Corrected R-25 magazine capacity to 4 (was 10)

  • Fixed issue with Reload Time, Rack Time and Magazine Reload Time options requiring PZ to be restarted to have a effect.

  • Fixed bug causing error when breaking out a reload timed action by firing a shot.

  • Fixed Light Source hotkey not activating vehicle headlights.

  • Fixed bug in police storage spawning where wrong modifier was applied to weapon rarity chances.

  • Fixed .44 Magnum FMJ Recoil to match HP

  • Fixed 2 handed weapons only getting equipped in primary on login

  • Fixed issue when reloading with speed loaders and stripper clips.

  • Fixed bug with detail tab on inspection window always saying the hammer was cocked.

  • Fixed issue when trying to spawn a random gun from a empty rarity table.

  • Fixed issue with firearm stats/weight not being properly adjusted when attaching or removing components.

  • Fixed recipes for converting base game ammo boxes to ORGM ammo to return the correct amount of rounds.

  • Fixed model textures not displaying on Linux (and hopefully Mac)

  • Fixed issue dry firing revolvers cycled through the chambers too fast.

  • Fixed wrong variable check when dry firing.

  • Fixed InspectionWindow debug tab not properly listing half loaded revolvers.

version 3.08.1

  • Temporarily disabled the built in patch for Nolan’s Super Survivors mod, as most of it is now handled by the mod itself. This change does not effect the patch for the original Survivors mod.

version 3.08

  • Added ORGM tab to the zomboid options screen, all settings can now be configured from there, and are saved to the Zomboid/Lua/ORGM.ini file. When connecting to a MP server, the server’s ORGM.Settings table is transmitted to the client, overriding any client chosen options. The ORGM tab in the options screen becomes locked (no changes may be made while connected). Disconnecting from the server will restore the clients original options.

  • Updated many of the 3d models. Big thanks to KOT for giving permission to merge the models from the Gunz mod back into ORGM, and to EnigmaGrey for passing on my request.

version 3.07

  • Added new hotkey for ‘Reload Any Magazine’ that finds a magazine in your inventory and reloads it using spare bullets (boxes/cans must be unpacked first). The new key can be configured in your PZ options screen keybinding tab and defaults to ‘G’.

  • Added new hotkey for ‘Select Fire Switch’ that toggles between semi and full auto for select fire weapons. The new key can be configured in your PZ options screen keybinding tab and defaults to ‘Z’.

  • Added new hotkey for ‘Firearm Inspection Window’ that brings up the Inspection Window. The new key can be configured in your PZ options screen keybinding tab and defaults to ‘U’.

  • Numerous weapon stats are now set dynamically instead of from the scripts/*.txt files. Its a far from perfect system, but its a step toward a better one, behavior of some weapons might be out of whack until more tweaking is done.

SwingTime is now set by weight, modified by semi or full ammo action. RecoilDelay is now set by round, modified by weight and components AimTime is now mostly set by weapon type, slightly modified by weight, and full-auto mode HitChance is now set by weapon type, modified by components and full-auto mode Damage is set by round, modified by components (shotgun chokes)

  • Full-Auto fire behavior is drastically changed: Reduced HitChance by - (10 + Semi-Auto RecoilDelay): lighter weapons with larger calibers feel more recoil and are harder to aim full auto, items like foregrip and recoilpad reduce recoil in semi auto, increase accuracy in full auto. Reduced AimTime penalty while moving to HitChance (AimTime increased by 20) SwingTime set to 0.3 (to be adjusted later by gun rpm). Reduced RecoilDelay by 20 (minimum 0)

  • Fixed issue where AimTime worked in reverse (higher being better). Apparently AimTime is a penalty reducer for HitChance while moving (higher aimtime, less penalty). Weapon components/mods have been adjusted accordingly, Adjustments for guns is done automatically with the new dynamic stats system. (credit to Arsenal26 for pointing this issue out)

  • Component/Weapon mod modifiers are no longer set in scripts/ORGMMods.txt, these are now all set in ORGMData_Components.lua (except Weight and WeightModifier)

  • Damage reduced to help emphasize only a headshot (critical hits) can kill a zombie. The damage now has a multiplier that can be configured in ORGM.Settings.DamageMultiplier

  • Added sound to the select fire mode and action type switching.

  • Firearm Inspection Window now updates information/details while visible and a ORGM firearm is equipped.

  • Added Stats panel to Inspection window, showing current Ammo, and fire mode (for select fires). Also shows accuracy, Rate of fire and recoil effect on ROF in fuzzy terms: High, Low, Average, Good, Bad, etc

  • Added Debug panel to Inspection Window when ORGM is set to debug/dev mode.

  • Component/Weapon mod appearance on firearms that spawn are now effected by ORGM.Settings.ComponentSpawnModifier

  • Fixed bug in weapon update function that set condition to maximum.

  • Fixed bug in weapon update function that reset the number of times the item had been repaired to 0

  • Fixed bug in weapon update function that failed to properly remove and reset the secondary hand item.

  • Fixed bug in survivors mod compatibility patch where survivors wouldn’t reload if infinite ammo setting was enabled and they didn’t actually have any bullets.

  • fixed bug in settings validation where if ORGM.Settings.LogLevel was nil

  • component upgrading is now done silently.

Major code changes for modders:

  • Several table access methods are depreciated in favor of new functions. This was done to ensure better long term support and stability, and to simply code as they accept a string name itemType or a InventoryItem class object. Instead of requiring call like ORGM.FirearmTable[item:getType()] you can now use ORGM.getFirearmData(item)
ORGM.FirearmTable[itemType]       >>>     ORGM.getFirearmData(itemType [, moduleName])
ORGM.MagazineTable[itemType]      >>>     ORGM.getMagazineData(itemType [, moduleName])
ORGM.ComponentTable[itemType]     >>>     ORGM.getComponentData(itemType [, moduleName])
ORGM.AmmoTable[itemType]          >>>     ORGM.getAmmoData(itemType [, moduleName])
ORGM.AlternateAmmoTable[itemType] >>>     ORGM.getAmmoGroup(itemType [, moduelName])`
  • added new boolean functions with matching arguments to the new get*Data() functions. ORGM.isFirearm(), ORGM.isComponent(), ORGM.isMagazine() and ORGM.isAmmo()

  • ORGM.AlternateAmmoTable has been renamed to clarify its purpose better. References to ‘dummy rounds’ in the code have been renamed AmmoGroup.

ORGM.AlternateAmmoTable           >>>     ORGM.AmmoGroupTable
  • ORGM.findAmmoInContainer(ammogroup, preferred, container) now supports a additional argument: mode (0 or nil = rounds, 1 = boxes, 2 = cans)

  • added function ORGM.findAllAmmoInContainter(ammoGroup|ammoType, container) finds all ammo for the specified ammo group (or type), returns a table: { rounds=java.util.ArrayList, boxes=java.util.ArrayList, cans=java.util.ArrayList } each subtable containing all the matching InventoryItem objects in that container.

  • addded function ORGM.getItemAmmoGroup(item) that returns a ammo group used by a firearm or magazine. If the firearm uses magazines, the ammo group is taken from its magazine instead. item can be a string name or a InventoryItem object.

version 3.06

  • Fixed bug in Benelli M3 and Spas12 conversion from semi-auto to pump and back (introduced v3.00).

  • All text strings now make use of proper translation files instead of being hardcoded.

  • Firearms with single action or double action triggers found with a round in chamber now have the hammer cocked. (prevents normal reload difficulty from auto racking and dropping the round in the chamber).

  • Added icons for spent shell cases, with reduced size.

  • Fixed weapon update function not properly setting condition of attached mods.

version 3.05

  • M1903 Springfield is now properly a bolt action instead of semi-auto

  • Fixed bug when firearms got updated, reattached components did not properly modify stats.

  • Components/Weapon Mods now track what ORGM they were created in, allowing them to be properly updated on attaching and removing from weapons.

  • Adjusted Weapon Mods mounting points: Tactical lights laser sights, and foregrips now fit on the ‘Clip’ slot instead of ‘Canon’, allowing these to be mounted on shotguns with chokes, or properly used with Nolan’s Silencers mod.

Recoilpads now properly fit on the ‘Recoilpad’ slot instead of ‘Sling’

Skeletal and Collapsing Stocks now properly fit on the ‘Stock’ slot instead of ‘Sling’

  • Reduced weight of some weapon mods.

  • Increased effectiveness of rifle slings.

  • Compatibility patch for Nolan’s Silencers mod now changes the display name on items from “Silencer” to “Suppressor”

version 3.04

  • Fixed bug with new hotkeys that equipped shotguns when the rifle key was pressed.

  • Added compatibility patch for nolan’s new Super Survivors mod.

version 3.03

  • Fixed bug where firearm update function was triggered every ORGM new version, instead of new versions where that firearm had been modified.

  • Fixed multiplayer bug where tactical lights couldn’t be properly shut off.

  • Fixed bug where pressing the “Equip/Turn On/Off Light Source” hotkey would try and equip a light source in the secondary hand (if the player had one) instead of activating a equipped tactical light.

  • Changed “Equip/Unequip Firearm” hotkey behavior. Instead of always equipping the gun with best damage regardless of if the player actually had ammo for it, the hotkey now checks a number of conditions: is it loaded, does the player have extra ammo, then by best damage.

  • Added 3 new hotkeys: “Equip/Unequip Pistol”, “Equip/Unequip Rifle”, and “Equip/Unequip Shotgun”. These default to the keys 4, 5, and 6 respectively, and can be edited by going to the PZ options screen, selecting the Key Bindings tab, and are under the Hotkeys section.

  • Added validation checks for new spawn settings introduced in v3.02

  • Added new constants to ORGMData_Weapons.lua and the ‘category’ key to simply detecting weapon type: ORGM.REVOLVER, ORGM.PISTOL, ORGM.SUBMACHINEGUN, ORGM.RIFLE, ORGM.SHOTGUN

version 3.02

  • Fixed bug adding repair kit items to NecroForge (introduced 3.00)

  • Spawn rates now use a float value instead of integer, values of less then 1% are now possible

  • Adding spawn multiplier settings for specific containers/locations: CorpseSpawnModifier, CivilianBuildingSpawnModifier, PoliceStorageSpawnModifier, GunStoreSpawnModifier, StorageUnitSpawnModifier, GarageSpawnModifier, HuntingSpawnModifier,

  • Updated Custom Server Settings patch mod example to reflect new settings

version 3.01

  • Fixed bug unloading break barrel shotguns (introduced ???)

  • Fixed bug with inspection window on break barrel shotguns

  • Fixed multiple bugs with tactical light code

  • Adjusted tooltip code for allowing custom tooltips via other mods

  • Added basic patch mod example for disabling empty shell ejection

version 3.00

  • Complete code rewrite. Replaced all global tables with a single ORGM table. This table contains all functions and data. It is no longer necessary to directly edit ORGM’s lua code to customize it, every aspect of the mod can be edited/replaced by creating a extra patch mod.

  • All guns now record the ORGM version number they were last used with. Guns that get changed in ORGM updates are logged in a ‘internal changelog’ of the version they were last changed in. Any ‘in game’ gun that has had obsolete stats will now reset to defaults values on equipping. Any ammo loaded will be placed in the players inventory. This allows for major changes to made to guns without breaking existing saves or breaking existing in game guns.

  • Added a ORGM.Settings table to allow for easier configuration, these settings are meant to be overwritten by extra ‘patch mods’ that can be loaded just like any normal PZ mod. Options include:

JammingEnabled - enable/disable weapon jamming

CasesEnabled - enable/disable ejecting of spent cases

LogLevel (0 to 3) - control the amount of text printed to the logfile (errors only, warnings, info or debug)

RemoveBaseFirearms - enable/disable the removal of vanilla firearms and ammo

DefaultMagazineReoadTime - control the time it takes to load bullets into a magazine (unless the specific magazine overrides)

DefaultReloadTime - control the time it takes to load a magazine into a firearm (unless the specific magazine overrides)

DefaultRackTime - control the time it takes to rack a firearm. (unless the specific magazine overrides)

LimitYear - A spawn year cutoff, to remove spawning of guns manufactured after the specified year

FirearmSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the spawn rate of any firearm.

CivilianFirearmSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the chances a firearm is civilian.

PoliceFirearmSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the chances a firearm is police.

MilitaryFirearmSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the chances a firearm is military.

AmmoSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the spawn rate of ammo, boxes and cans.

MagazineSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the spawn rate of spare magazines.

RepairKitSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the spawn rate of repair kits.

ComponentSpawnModifier - multiplier for fine tuning the spawn rate of firearm components/upgrades.

UseSilencersPatch - inject compatibility patch for Nolan’s ORGM Silencers mod.

UseNecroforgePatch - inject compatibility patch for Necroforge.

UseSurvivorsPatch - inject compatibility patch for Survivors mod.

**Note the spawn modifier settings work in addition to the sandbox loot rarity settings. Its now possible to have melee weapons abundant and reduce firearm spawn settings to next to nothing, or have lots of guns but limited ammo.

  • Basic Firearm inspection window (accessed via context menu for guns in hand). Showing details such as basic information on the gun, manufacturer, country of origin, initial production year, as well as item specific info such as condition, round chambered, attachments etc.

  • All guns that spawn naturally have serial numbers generated. Gun spawned with necroforge or other admin methods do not. This can be seen via the new firearm inspection window (immersion feature)

  • Firearm/ammo/upgrades/repairkits are no longer required to have the ORGM mod prefix. It should now be possible to have other mods guns and ammo behave as ORGM weapons.

  • When using the ORGM Silencers mod, silencers now correctly spawn in containers not attached to guns. Also, Silencers will now appear in necroforge.

  • Item Spawning now obeys container weight limits.

  • CZ75 Pistol is now a 9x19mm instead of .40S&W, fixed inconsistencies in magazine size. The txt file had it listed as 15, while lua data had 10. In reality, The CZ75 comes in both 9mm and .40, with magazine sizes of 15 for the 9mm and 12 for the .40S&W

  • Taurus P38S is now a double action instead of single action.

  • Browning BLR is now single action instead of double action only, it now uses a detachable 4 round magazine instead of a internal one.

  • Henry Big Boy is now single action instead of double action only.

  • M1903 is now single action instead of double action only.

  • H&K SL8 magazine capacity reduced from 20 to 10 (all SL8’s imported into the US use 10 round mags)

  • Increased durability of all weapons. Pistols and SMG’s now have a base chance of lowering condition 1-in-150 (was 100). Revolvers to 1-in-300 (was 200) Rifles and shotguns to 1-in-200 (was 100) Except the M249, which is now 1-in-500 (was 100)

version 2.03 Stable

  • Built in compatibility patch for Nolan’s ORGM Silencers mod. Due to Rechambered code changes, Silencers will only spawn on guns, not in containers.

  • Added code to allow survivors mod NPC’s to spawn with gun upgrades. Fixed bug in preset survivors that spawned with Base.Huntingriflel (typo’d weapon name.. not my bug, but fixed anyways)

  • Fixed bug not allowing some SMG’s to mount lasers.

version 2.02 Stable

  • Built in compatibility patch for necroforge and survivors mod.

  • fixed bug not allowing SMG’s to mount reflex and red dot sights

version 2.01 Stable

  • Reduced Shotgun spread to more realistic values

  • Removed screw-on shotgun chokes as a upgrade for sawnoff models.

  • Fixed bug causing excessive ammo spawning in storage units

2.00 Changes of Note:

  • Complete code rewrite and cleanup.

  • Many corrections and bug fixes.

  • Weapon and ammo spawn rates reduced, and now obey sandbox weapon loot rarity settings.

  • Distant gunshot sounds now properly play in MP again.

  • Added FMJ and HP versions of each round, with different stats

  • Conversion of guns to full-auto/semi-auto, pump/semi, and ammo conversions are no longer required. Previously every gun had its own variation, on conversion the old gun was removed and replaced with the new variant.

  • Guns can now be loaded with multiple ammo types at the same time. A 5.56 rifle can now have 5.56 FMJ, 5.56 HP, .223 FMJ and .223 HP all in the same magazine. This applies to other guns as well (ie: mixing buck and slugs in shotguns)

  • Bullet penetration is no longer a simple true/false dependent on the gun item. Its now based on a % chance, dependent on the bullet type (HP rounds have low chance of penetration while FMJ is higher), rechecked every round fired. Ideally this should check on every hit (ie: passing through multiple zombies) but its better then nothing.

  • Gun damage is now dependent on the bullet type loaded. FMJ have a lower min damage, while HP is higher.

  • The tooltip on inventory items now specifies what ammo type is currently loaded in a gun or magazine, and what fire mode (Full/Semi) a gun is currently using.

  • Shotguns with buckshot loads now have a chance of missing.

  • Increased durability of all firearms, especially revolvers.

  • Guns now have a chance of jamming based on weapon condition. Racking the gun clears the jam. Revolvers and break barrels are not susceptible to jamming. Easy and Normal difficulty will auto rack to clear. At any rate, the jammed round will fall to the floor. This is affected by the lucky/unlucky traits.

  • When reloading a revolver, if there are empty shells in the cylinder the entire cylinder contents are dumped out and all cylinder spots must be reloaded. You can not just replace the empty shells.

  • Unloading bullets from magazines places rounds in inventory. Unloading from a gun drops rounds on the ground (from racking the slide, or dumping out the cylinder)

  • Guns now litter the ground with empty shells when firing. These can be collected, boxed or put in canisters like normal rounds.

  • Context menu has been added to set a preferred ammo type on guns and magazines. (ie: load only 5.56 FMJ). This can be set to “Any” (loads any available ammo), any bullet type the gun is capable of using, or “Mixed Load” to specifically mix ammo in the magazine.

  • Context menu has been added for manually cocking/releasing the hammer, or opening/closing the slide/bolt.

  • Context menu has been added for spinning the cylinder on rotary guns (ie: revolvers)

  • Context menu has been added for shooting yourself in the head, curing infection so your corpse doesn’t come back as a zombie. Note if done with a partially loaded revolver (russian roulette) it cures boredom as well.

  • Code is now called when pulling the trigger on a gun that won’t fire (unloaded etc). This will properly drop the hammer, or in the case of doubleaction revolvers: cock, rotate and release.

  • Speed Loaders and Stripper Clips have been separated from magazines and act independently, a gun can used both.

  • Clients on ‘Easy Reloading’ settings are effectively set to ‘Normal’. This is a REAL GUNS MOD. Real guns have magazines.

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