So, your 8 months into the outbreak. You've got more skill points then you can spend in a lifetime. Your character is kicking ass,'re regretting that negative trait you picked on character creation.... or your wishing you had picked that positive one...but its too late now right? WRONG! Now with the Buyable Traits mod you can spend those unused skill points on something useful! By default, adding/removing traits costs x4 as many points as the initial character creation. Learning a new trait grants all skill levels, and free recipes it normally would. Traits can be blacklisted from being added or removed (such as the Overweight in the screenshot above) Profession/free traits cannot be added or removed, negative traits cannot be added, and positive ones cannot be removed. Double clicking on a trait will bring up a confirmation box. This should support traits added by 3rd party mods as well. No refunds. Visa and Mastercard not accepted. Support for game controllers is doubtful.