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Q: Why does the damage my gun shows keep changing?

A: Damage is dynamic and based on several factors, the primary factor is caliber of the round and bullet type used (ie: FMJ vs hollow points). Length of barrels will soon be factored in as well.

Q: Damage for guns seems low, my baseball bat shows it does more damage!

A: PZ uses different calculations for aimed weapons and melee when its actually dealing the damage to zombies. ORGM has been carefully balanced so headshots (critical hits) are required to effectively kill a zombie. If you'd rather go back to the old OP style where you can slay hordes with a pellet gun, you can change the DamageMultiplier setting in the PZ options screen, ORGM tab (it defaults to 0.5)

Q: Why does the Easy reloading setting not work? It keeps acting like Normal difficulty.

A: Several reasons. 1) the way PZ handles easy reloading it can be exploited for a endless magazine duplication glitch (bad news for servers). 2) it would be incompatible with expanded capacity magazines. 3) ORGM is not just about adding more guns to PZ, but simulating realistic firearm behavior. I don't know why you would use the "REAL GUNS MOD" if you don't want them to act realistically. Real guns use magazines.

Q: Why does the rate of fire on my gun keep changing when I put on attachments?

A: Stats like recoil delay are effected by the weight of the firearm. A heavier gun experiences less recoil then a lighter gun of a similar caliber. Weight also effects swingtime (the time it takes to bring the gun to aim on a target), as well as the penalty you experience trying to aim while moving. All those attachments change the weight of the firearm which creates subtle effects on its handling.

Q: Why is the steam workshop page not updated to the latest stable thats shown in the forums?

A: ORGM uses a 3-stage release cycle: Stage 1: it enters beta, and is used on our server and those willing to risk it on theindiestone forums. Stage 2: it becomes the stable version on the forums if no issues have been found. Stage 3: once it has proven its stability it eventually makes it way to the workshop when ORMntMan has the time to upload it. This way the large number of steam users get versions that have proven themselves stable, unlike some mods that use steam as their only testing ground. Its quality control.

Q: How can I edit the spawn rates?

A: As of v3.08, a ORGM tab was added to the PZ options screen, allowing you to fine tune the spawn rates to your liking along with numerous other settings.

Q: Wait, if theres a options screen clients can edit, does that mean they can override my server's setting?

A: No. when connecting to a server, the server's settings are sent to the client. the client's ORGM settings tab becomes locked, and their original settings are restored when they disconnect.

Q: I'm running a dedicated server, so how can I access this options screen?

A: Edit the settings on your client for the settings you want on the server, then move the Zomboid\Lua\ORGM.ini file over to your server.

Q: How can I add ORGM support to my mod, or customize things that aren't in the options screen?

A: Most of ORGM's code is fairly well documented. There are also examples of extra mods that edit various aspects of ORGM. If you still can't find what you need, feel free to contact me (Fenris_Wolf) on the theindiestone forums or discord. I'm usually willing to help.

Q: Can I reupload ORGM to the workshop?

A: Not without permission (see the "Credits and Permissions.txt" file included). Reuploading the full mod is not normally required anyways, as just about any aspect of ORGM can be customized with the use of "patch mods" (see the previous question above).

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