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ORGM Rechambered

ORGM Rechambered is a continuation of ORMntMan's Real Guns Mod for Project Zomboid. The original ORGM was one of the most popular mods for Project Zomboid, and added over 100 real world firearms into the game. This updated version adds numerous bugfixes and new features including: * More balanced and completely customizable spawn rates. * Multiple ammo types per gun. * Manual context menu controls for things like cocking or releasing the hammer, opening the slide, spinning chambers on revolvers, etc. * New hotkeys for reloading magazines in your inventory, switching select fire mode, separate keys for equipping pistols, rifles or shotguns, and more. * Dynamic damage based on bullet type loaded and other factors. * More dynamic stats such as recoil, rate of fire, etc that are automatically calculated based on round loaded, weight of the weapon, the firearm's action type and attachments used. * A firearm inspection window that shows background information on the firearm, details about its current condition and status, as well as your characters current stats with that weapon. * Loads more of other stuff. Download latest experimental beta version Download latest stable version forum thread for ORGM Rechambered Steam workshop page ORGM Rechambered Frequently Asked Questions

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