Tekagis Server

Here at Tekagi's, we run a 24/7 public server for Project Zomboid, hosted by Dr Ellis and Fenris_Wolf. It is the beta test server of ORGM Rechambered, but we keep it open to the public because we're nice like that. This server runs the GOG version of Project Zomboid (not steam), and is accessible on the public server list under the name TekagisTreasure 24/7. If you use the steam version, connection is still possible but requires you need to launch PZ with the -nosteam startup flag. Steam users will also need our versions of the mods. There maybe subtle differences between ours and the official workshop versions. We aim to run a relaxed atmosphere, both PvP (optional) and PvE. If you wish to RP, thats up to you. It is not enforced on the server.


Resets Resets are only performed when PZ releases a new major build, or massive corruption. This way players don't have to worry about their work getting wiped constantly. Zombies Population is set at 1.5 and hearing radius is quite high. Safehouses Safehouses are enabled, and expire after a few weeks. Loot Loot is currently set Very Rare, with respawns after a month if the area is left alone. The slower respawn is there to prevent players from just sticking to a small area of the map looting over and over.


Rules are simple and can be summed up as "Don't be a ass". Griefing and trolls will not be tolerated. People are free to play as they wish here, as long as their play style does not significantly ruin the enjoyment of other players. We have no patience for bullshit here. Choose a real username. Usernames such as 1, 123, or random keyboard mashing are not appreciated. Use a actual name. We don't want to have to address you as "asdfdsa" or some other random gibberish. If you fail to pick a real name, one of our friendly admins will pick one for you. Stay out of Fenris's whiskey stash.

Please see the forums to get the current mod list. (this page will be updated soon)